Care Visions is a privately owned Scottish firm able to spend the time and resources necessary to provide needs-led services to the most vulnerable in society.

We are devoted to delivering informed care to the most vulnerable in society at early and late stages of their life.

Starting out in 1998 as a single residential home for children whose parents were no longer able to care of them, we now run more than 30 services across the country, and have become one of the leading independent foster care providers in Scotland and Ireland. But we do not only dedicate our services to the young. We recognise how the comfort and reassurance of our own home can often be the best aid to recovery for anyone with an illness or living with a long-term disability, or dementia. Our specialist at-home health and social care workers make such recovery possible.

We are dedicated to delivering meaningful outcomes for those in our care and for their families.

To achieve this we are outward looking. We go beyond the regulated service standards. Constantly innovating what we do, we seek out and implement the very best models of practice from around the world, whether that is to create a stable, loving and healing environment in our residential services for children and young people, or delivering informed, transformational therapies to people living with dementia in their own home and better enable them to live the life they want to live. All our staff are dedicated to delivering services with dignity and respect and in supporting all our clients to lead fulfilling and independent lives as far as it is possible.

We seek best practices and models from around the world.

We are not afraid to commit the organisation and our people to research and investigate the best models and therapies. Care Visions engages and works alongside the experts. For example; collaborating with the Wicking Institute, University of Tasmania, on cutting edge dementia care, we are pioneering a unique measuring system which charts outcomes with our therapies, and allows us to quickly tailor therapies for each individual, based on the severity of their dementia, and, most importantly, their needs. We focus on truly person-centred care because we know, and never forget, everyone is different.

We have the passion to develop and deliver on our belief that we can improve people’s lives and society.

We self-fund opportunities to deliver on this. This ensures managerial discipline, dedication and most importantly opportunities for our staff, many of whom are in roles they never dreamed they would possess. We invest in the infrastructure and board members necessary to operate at the highest levels of the regulated social care and health industry.