One of the Care Visions residential care team shares what it is like to see young people grow and develop within a safe and secure environment.

At Westfield, we have built our house ethos on trust, safety, and nurturing. Our residential care home provides a safe and secure environment for our young people to develop and grow. As a team, we pride ourselves on our therapeutic, child-centred approach, and understand that every child’s needs are individual and unique.

We see ourselves as an extended family, where all carers and young people have a place, and a role to play. This gives our young people a sense of belonging, while developing their own identity, and allows us to build positive relationships with them, in the safety of the home.

The Sanctuary Model underpins everything we do here at Westfield; allowing us to be trauma-informed at all times. We understand that some ’difficult days’ lead to positive reflection and growth. This is an important part of our young people finding out who they are, and learning to process the emotions caused by trauma and loss.

We are deeply committed to being positive role models for our Young People and will be there for them every step of the way.

There are no ‘typical’ days in Westfield, but one daily event is our community meeting and handover, first thing each day. Although hesitant at the beginning, our young people now really enjoy taking part. We feel that this is an important time of the day, as our young people and carers can share their feelings and set out goals for the day.


So, what does a typically untypical day at Westfield Farmhouse look like?…


9-10 am: An air raid siren announces the start of the day! No it is not the end of the world, it’s one of our young people’s chosen alarm, heralding the dawn of a new day.

10am: Community meeting with the manager, carers, and their young person; a chance to reflect and discuss challenges from the previous day, as well as agree plans and goals for the day ahead.

10.30am: Breakfast time, and a catch up at the kitchen table. These chats can involve anything from quantum physics to what dreams we had the night before.

11.00am: Morning activity (after a quick ‘disco shower’)

12-2pm: Lunch of homemade soup, sandwiches etc.

2pm: An afternoon activity, chosen from our ‘activity lollipop sticks’; a wide range of flavours for whatever there is a taste for that day!

5-7pm: Teatime! One of our young people loves to cook, describing themself as ‘Westfield’s resident chef’, and prepares us Michelin star meals. Anything is on the menu, so long as it has paprika (the favourite spice of the moment).

7pm: – Time for the evening activity, which is usually chosen before teatime, so that carers can properly prepare. This could involve games at home, going out to play pool, or even a spot of ghost hunting in spooky places!

9.00pm: Chilling-out and settling-down; time for us all to relax and wind-down after a busy day. We tell stories, solve riddles, or watch funny videos to round of the day, before brushing our teeth together and settling down for the night.


As the young people turn-in, carers finish off their paperwork before calling it a day. And as we reflect on how things went, just before we close our eyes, the day always ends with a smile.


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