Care Visions and TLD/DWA sign MOU agreement

September 17th 2018

Dementia is quickly becoming one of the major health and social care issues of the 21st century. As there are currently no pharmaceutical interventions to modify the disease course of any of the main causes of dementia, it is vital that other targeted treatments are explored and utilised.

Care Visions Beijing take pride […]

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A day in the life of a residential care home

One of the Care Visions residential care team shares what it is like to see young people grow and develop within a safe and secure environment.

At Westfield, we have built our house ethos on trust, safety, and nurturing. Our residential care home provides a safe and secure environment for our young people to develop […]

Hearing care-experienced ‘pupil voice’: A journey towards trauma-informed schools.

Creating nurturing educational environments by developing trauma-informed schools and hearing ‘pupil voice’.  

By: Elaine McIntosh

A commitment to hearing ‘pupil voice’ is etched in school mission statements, and is an indicator to be measured in every school improvement plan. However, what does ‘pupil voice’ mean to a child or young person affected by trauma, many […]

Foster Care Fortnight #FCF17

Foster Care Fortnight #FCF17 is the UK’s biggest foster care awareness raising campaign, and we are glad to have taken part in the @TheEveningTimes Foster Care supplement yesterday. We are so proud of every one of our foster carers, and the real difference they are making to the children in their care. And this […]

Postcards of Compassion

Continuing Connections
By Danny Henderson.
George, 15, sitting in a classroom with three other young people, became upset when given a maths problem he couldn’t solve.
After receiving a portion of shame from his teacher, George was ridiculed by his classmates – what was an amusing distraction for them was catastrophic for him. Not for the first […]

The Language of Dementia

By Allison Bourke.
Have you ever thought about the language you use when describing a disease or illness?
The language we use can determine the way we see things. Much in the same way that positive thinking gives positive results, using certain words when describing dementia can influence the way we view or feel about dementia. […]

Skate Expectations

Interview by Clio Arbuthnott.
Care Visions foster carer Doreen shares how 16-year-old Courtney overcame the obstacles to become a Special Olympics ice-skating athlete
“We first met Courtney 10 years ago. She was six – so petite. She was living in one of Care Visions’ residential homes at the time, and she was so keen to show […]