Care Visions began with a small children’s residential service more than a decade ago. Since then our “care vision” for creating pathways for children and adults has become a reality. Our reputation for quality has grown to allow us to deliver the full range of services across Scotland and extending our services into England and China to provide brighter futures for adults and children in need.

Dementia Services UK

We begin to offer our specialist dementia services in the UK, partnering with a number of prominent institutions and providers.

Care Visions China Government Contract

Care Visions China launches a unique service to measure the effectiveness of its services using parameters charting dementia patients’ engagement with therapies, and monitoring improvements to their quality of life. In November 2016, CVC receives its first government contract to deliver group dementia sessions within local communities.

Care Visions China Begins Operations

Care Visions China officially begins operations in Beijing, specialising in non-pharmaceutical interventions to help dementia patients maintain their abilities to continue living their everyday life.

Care Visions China Registers for Business

Care Visions China (CVC) is registered in Beijing, China. Within the next year, we trained up our first group of staff to look after dementia patients and their families, in their own homes.

New Horizons
  • The success of our domestic operations provokes us to look outward and see where else in the world we can help people. We develop plans to begin operations in Asia.
Care Visions England
  • We open our home health care provision in the north of England with services in Newcastle, providing tailor-made home care support for adults and the elderly.
Partnerships With local Authorities
  • Our partnerships with local authorities in Scotland extends to deliver highly specialized fostering services across the country. We developed a reputation for placement stability and excellent foster care provision.
Our Second Home
  • Growing demand and outstanding outcomes result in us expanding our operations to a second home.
Orca House
  • Care Visions opens its first children’s home, Orca House in south Scotland, providing specialist residential care to young people aged six to 18 years. Our initial vision and commitment to providing high quality, flexible and innovative care within a safe and supportive home environment has never wavered – in fact, it has grown from strength to strength.