Postcards of Compassion

Continuing Connections
By Danny Henderson.
George, 15, sitting in a classroom with three other young people, became upset when given a maths problem he couldn’t solve.
After receiving a portion of shame from his teacher, George was ridiculed by his classmates – what was an amusing distraction for them was catastrophic for him. Not for the first […]

The Language of Dementia

By Allison Bourke.
Have you ever thought about the language you use when describing a disease or illness?
The language we use can determine the way we see things. Much in the same way that positive thinking gives positive results, using certain words when describing dementia can influence the way we view or feel about dementia. […]

Skate Expectations

Interview by Clio Arbuthnott.
Care Visions foster carer Doreen shares how 16-year-old Courtney overcame the obstacles to become a Special Olympics ice-skating athlete
“We first met Courtney 10 years ago. She was six – so petite. She was living in one of Care Visions’ residential homes at the time, and she was so keen to show […]